Vegan Lentil Pizza – gluten, oil-free & healthy

I’ve been fascinated by uttapam for a long time. Uttapam is a Southern Indian gluten free fermented pizza made from urad dal and rice. The last time I ate this it got me thinking… Could I make an Italian … Read more Vegan Lentil Pizza – gluten, oil-free & healthy

What is the best way to make baked falafel? (The Verdict)

Until this post I’ve never made proper falafel before! There I’ve said it! It seemed crazy trying to come up with my own falafel recipe if I hadn’t actually made anyone else’s ever. I searched for great oil free falafel recipes, which only used traditional ingredients and they seemed quite difficult to find.

So I decided to try converting two popular falafel recipes to baked to find what I was looking for….

Vegan Chilli Cheese Fries (Oil & Nut Free)

A chilli cheese fries recipe that ticks the easy, vegan, healthy and oil-free boxes!

Vegan Jollof Rice (Easy, Oil-free & Healthy)

Last summer we had some builders in our house for about 6 weeks! During that time we became pretty good friends.  One of the popular topics of conversation, of course, was food.  I would feed them my concoctions and they … Read more Vegan Jollof Rice (Easy, Oil-free & Healthy)