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Eating compassionately is easy!  Whole plant foods also benefit our health & the environment.

I’m Rachel!  I live in London, UK and I’ve been vegan for over two years. I am in the process of recovering from chronic fatigue.

In May 2016 I started making videos on YouTube to take my mind off my chronic fatigue. As anyone who has suffered from chronic illness can attest focusing too much on yourself and the illness can lead you into a very dark place.

I had no idea what I was doing, I just knew I wanted to keep doing it, not only was I helping others, but I was helping me.

The dark days didn’t seem as dark anymore and symptoms that would have made me consider whether life was worth living in the past started to fade into insignificance as I developed a purpose beyond myself and made some lovely friends in the process.

As things took shape I focused the channel on sharing vegan recipes, restaurant visits and tips to show how easy, cheap, interesting and tasty vegan food can be.  And in September 2016 this channel spawned this blog!

My goal is to provide simple, healthy, inexpensive and tasty alternatives to inspire people to give veganism a try. I share the meals that we eat in our home.  I never use oil, instead I focus on whole foods, because they are generally cheaper to buy and provide us with the opportunity for the best health!

As the blog grows my plan is to add more varied vegan food content. I hope you join me.

I look forward to hearing your comments, learning from and helping some of you along your vegan journey!

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